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December Fed Hike In Doubt, Powell Says No Sign Of Inflation

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by Tom

The Jackson Hole symposium took place Friday 23rd, and Fed chair Jerome Powell's comments confirming further gradual tightening and there being no inflation has concerned investors, causing the dollar to weaken further.

Bitcoin Cash Is Facing A Fight That Could Split The Code

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News by Ryan

After its birth just a year ago Bitcoin Cash is facing a split with the developers infighting.

Bank Of America Files Patent For Cryptocurrency Storage

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News by Ryan

Bank of America has files for another patent for cryptocurrency storage in an enterprise environment.

Germany Aims To Move Away From U.S. Led Financial System

Posted a year ago in Around the World,Government Regulation by Ryan

Europe's largest economy, Germany, is calling for an independent financial system from the U.S. Leading some to believe this to be positive for Bitcoin.

US Dollar Dips Ahead of Jackson Hole As Rates Inch Higher

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by Tom

The US Dollar Index (DXY) dropped back to rest on 95 yesterday. giving some relief to precious metals and BTC

Bitcoin BTCUSD Analysis 23 August 2018

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Technical Analysis by Tom

Bitcoin wicked up yesterday out of its current tight trading range to touch the nearest fib, amid news of Bitmex closing for maintenance closing shorts. 

Breaking: SEC Denies ProShares Bitcoin ETF

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Blockchain News by Ryan

Breaking: ICNN has just been made aware that the proposed ProShare Bitcoin ETF has been denied by the SEC.

XRP/BTC Analysis 08/22/2018

Posted a year ago in Technical Analysis by Ryan

XRP/BTC continues trending in a large symmetrical triangle. With the jump in price of BTC during yesterdays Bitmex maintenance where is the crypto pair likely to lead us?

Magic: The Gathering Challenged By Crypto Card Game

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News by Ryan

A new crypto card game is challenging Magic: The Gathering for supremacy. With a rare Magic card having sold in July for $87,000 an ethereum-based game card, Gods Unchained, sold at auction for 146 Ether. Worth about $60,000 at the time of sale.

Nvidia Drops Crypto From Low Profits Not Decline In Demand

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News by Ryan

The worlds largest graphics card manufacturer, nVidia, has called it quits on their crypto endeavors in an official announcement from CFO Colette Kress.