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Altcoin Bull Rages Again, As BSV Tanks After Getting Delisted

Posted 2 days ago in Altcoin,Blockchain News by Tom

Alt-coin markets are seeing double digit percent gains again today, as many alt-coin projects breakout and head for higher highs, whilst BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) dies a final death after being delisted from major exchanges.

Friday Sell Offs Test Support With Lower Lows Incoming

Posted 8 days ago in Bitcoin News,Blockchain News by Tom

BTC dominance has risen slightly to 52.15% while $20bln left the markets over the past two days, setting prices back around 7% on the major pairs as orderbooks fill with sell orders.

Signs of Alpha? Bitcoin Leads The Top 10 As Major Alts Fade

Posted 9 days ago in Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Tom

Bitcoin is leading the markets top coins by capitalization today, currently trading at the key resistance of $5300 as major alt-coins take a slight pullback as news breaks that Bittrex has been banned in NY

Bitcoin Testing Resistance, Poised For Next Leg Up?

Posted 12 days ago in Bitcoin News by Tom

Bitcoin is currently testing resistance at the 5300 level with heavy demand pressure as we start off the week. Are we ready for the next leg up?

How to Spend Your Bitcoin Easily

Posted 15 days ago in Bitcoin News by Graham

You can use your gains to buy anything online with a Visa or Mastercard directly from your BTC holdings!

Huobi Opens Trading On DogeCoin!

Posted 15 days ago in Altcoin by Graham

Huobi exchange has announced they are accepting DogeCoin deposits and will begin trading at 5pm

Bitcoin Cash Leads The Market Up +40%, Where Are We Going Next?

Posted 16 days ago in Bitcoin News,Technical Analysis by Tom

Traders poured $10mln into cryptomarkets yesterday, taking alt-coin markets well into the green across the board with leaders Bitcoin Cash, Metaverse and NEM surging in price. Where is the market headed next?

Swiss Stock Exchange, SIX, Lists XRP Exchange Traded Product

Posted 17 days ago in Blockchain News by Ryan

Switzerland's primary stock exchange, SIX, has listed an XRP based Exchange Traded Product as of today, April 2.

Bitcoin Sets New Record - Highest Number of Transactions Per Block Ever!

Posted 17 days ago in Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Graham

Bitcoin has broken it's all time high for transactions per block with 2,718 transactions

Market Cap Hits $160bln In Rapid European Trading

Posted 17 days ago in Bitcoin News by Graham

Global market cap has hit $160bln today in rapid early European trading, will we see higher highs continue?