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UK Lawmakers Call For Regulation Of Crypto Markets

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by Ryan

UK lawmakers are calling for regulating the crypto 'wild west' while insisting that regulation could help make the UK a 'global centre for crypto assets'.

SEC Staff to Host Roundtable Protecting Retail Investors From Fraud

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by ICNN

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that its Division of Trading and Markets will be looking into combating retail investor fraud, across a wide range of market participants, including regulators, broker-dealers and experts.

SEC Shouldn't Hold Back Approving Crypto Products Says Commissioner

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News,Government Regulation by Ryan

SEC Commissioner Heather Perice says government should not limit new products in crypto markets due to the perceived weakness in Bitcoin.

Normal Operations Return For Tether After Omni API Incident

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News by Ryan

Tether (USDT) has resumed normal operations after an issue with the engine that feeds data from the Omni protocol to the platforms hosted node services.

Kraken Announces Over-The-Counter Block Trade Service

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News by Ryan

Kraken made an official Twitter announcement, September 17, stating it is expanding its services to Over-The-Counter block trading. 

XRP And Ethereum Surge With Unusual Activity In Minutes

Posted a year ago in Altcoin by Ryan

Ethereum and XRP prices have surged more than 10% over the last few hours signaling questions as to where this unusual market activity is coming from. Volume spiked on Bitfinex about the same time, bringing the price of the cryptocurrencies in question up across other markets.

FBI and South Korean Police Bust International XRP Phishing Scam

Posted a year ago in Altcoin,Around the World,Blockchain News by Ryan

Over $800,000 in XRP that was stolen in a phishing scam across South Korea and Japan has been busted by a join operation between the FBI and the Seoul police cybercrimes division.

XRP Analysis 09/15/2018

Posted a year ago in Technical Analysis by Ryan

XRP remains inside the large falling wedge, but is producing higher lows on the indicators. Let's take a look at the chart.

Coinbase To Hire 100 In NYC Office For Wall Street Crypto Push

Posted a year ago in Around the World,Blockchain News by Ryan

Coinbase is showing aggressive plans for growth in their newly opened New York officer which caters to institutional investors.

21st Money Newsletter End Of Week 09/14/2018

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News by The 21st Money Team

Crypto News, Analysis, Forecasts, ICOs and Events for the week ending 9/14/2018

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It's ironic how the Chinese government restricts its citizens from engaging with cryptocurrencies, and at the same time Chinese companies like Bitmain dominate the industry. The Chinese government has blocked access to 124 foreign cryptocurrency exchanges that offer their services to Chinese citizens. VPNs have helped Chinese traders of Cryptos get around the government imposed restrictions.