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Altcoin Bull Rages Again, As BSV Tanks After Getting Delisted

Posted 3 months ago in Altcoin,Blockchain News by Tom

Alt-coin markets are seeing double digit percent gains again today, as many alt-coin projects breakout and head for higher highs, whilst BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) dies a final death after being delisted from major exchanges.

Signs of Alpha? Bitcoin Leads The Top 10 As Major Alts Fade

Posted 3 months ago in Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Tom

Bitcoin is leading the markets top coins by capitalization today, currently trading at the key resistance of $5300 as major alt-coins take a slight pullback as news breaks that Bittrex has been banned in NY

Huobi Opens Trading On DogeCoin!

Posted 3 months ago in Altcoin by Graham

Huobi exchange has announced they are accepting DogeCoin deposits and will begin trading at 5pm

Bitcoin Sets New Record - Highest Number of Transactions Per Block Ever!

Posted 4 months ago in Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Graham

Bitcoin has broken it's all time high for transactions per block with 2,718 transactions

Week Ahead: Dash Masternode Update, New Binance Coin Listing, Future Blockchain Summit Dubai

Posted 4 months ago in Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Graham

Funds continued to flow into cryptocurrency markets over the weekend, taking global market cap up to $145bln again. With Bitcoin dominance now sitting a bit lower at 50.1% due to expanded growth in the alt-coin markets.

The Altcoin Bull Keeps On Running, Markets Up 10% Again!

Posted 4 months ago in Altcoin,Blockchain News by ICNN

Alt-coin season is getting well underway with Decentraland, Tezos and Ravencoin leading the market - all up over 10%!

EOS Price Breaks Out Over $4

Posted 4 months ago in Altcoin by ICNN

EOS the decentralized operating system and smart contract platform has seen bullish demand push prices over $4 again!

Altcoin Season Is Heating Up, Ravencoin Up 500%!

Posted 4 months ago in Altcoin by Tom

Funds are pumping back into crypto once again, with Ravencoin rocketing up 500% within a month. There are plenty of big double percentage moves happening again in the alt-coin market!

Dash Launches Text Based Crypto Payments In Venezuela

Posted 8 months ago in Altcoin by Ryan

Dash has announced the launch of Dash Text, a text message-based cryptocurrency transaction service, in Venezuela. Dash Text eliminates the need for users to possess smartphones and internet access to carry out transactions.

Ethereum's Constantinople Delayed Until 2019

Posted 9 months ago in Blockchain News,Altcoin by Ryan

Ethereum's core developers have agreed to delay the Constantinople hard-fork until January 2019, in a meeting on Friday, October 19.