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Bitcoin Diamond Up 180%, 20,000+ Products Added to BCD Bazaar

Posted a year ago in Altcoin by Tom

Another day, another rally on a BTC fork. Earlier in the week it was Bitcoin Dark, now it's Bitcoin Diamonds turn. As the popular segwit and lightning enabled fork hit $3.75 up 180% at time of writing.

Minergate Pools Now Fully Compatible With NiceHash

Posted a year ago in Altcoin,Bitcoin News by Ryan

Minergates pools are now fully compatible with NiceHash. Users of Minergate will noe be able to buy hashing power from NiceHash, the world's largest hash power marketplace, and direct it toward their Minergate accounts.

HitBTC Delists Envion (EVN)

Posted a year ago in Altcoin by Tom

HitBTC has delisted Envion (EVN) in what we suspect is due to their terms of service, relating to not allowing any securities to be listed.

Bitcoin Gold To Be Delisted On Bittrex, Will Not Pay Back Stolen Coins

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Ryan

Recently Bitcoin Gold experienced a double spend attack on the chain and Bittrex requested BTG to pay back 12,372 in BTG as a result of the attack within the exchange. Bitcoin Gold has declined the request and as a result will be delisted from Bittrex on September 14.

Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) Up 290% Hits $80

Posted a year ago in Altcoin by Tom

Bitcoin Dark is up 290% at time of writing, just surpassing $80. With no official announcements or updates, and with a merged pull request only 5 hours ago on the official repo and no public announcments so far we are unclear exactly what catalyst has made the coin to suddenly rally, in an almost textbook 'hockey stick' chart.

Dogecoin Continues To Pump Ahead Of Dogethereum Launch

Posted a year ago in Technical Analysis,Altcoin by Ryan

Dogecoin continues it's ascent today leading up to September 5 when the demo of Dogethereum will be released

Ethereum Difficulty Bomb Delayed, Block Reward Reduced

Posted a year ago in Altcoin by Ryan

The Constantinople hard fork has now had a proposal finalized that will change the amount of ether that is entering the cryptocurrency markets.

New Crypto Fund For Institutional Investors Includes XRP

Posted a year ago in Altcoin,Bitcoin News by Ryan

XRP to be included with new crypto fund for the wealthy.

XRP Analysis 08/31/2018

Posted a year ago in Altcoin,Technical Analysis by Ryan

XRP has remained low volume and low volatility for several days and following BTC's moves. Is XRP finally going to make a move or will it continue the sideways trend? Let's take a look at the charts.

CBOE To Launch Ethereum Futures This Year

Posted a year ago in Altcoin by Ryan

Business Insider reported on August 30 that the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) is looking to launch futures trading for Ethereum.