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XRP Analysis 08/31/2018

Posted 6 months ago in Altcoin,Technical Analysis by Ryan

XRP has remained low volume and low volatility for several days and following BTC's moves. Is XRP finally going to make a move or will it continue the sideways trend? Let's take a look at the charts.


CBOE To Launch Ethereum Futures This Year

Posted 6 months ago in Altcoin by Ryan

Business Insider reported on August 30 that the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) is looking to launch futures trading for Ethereum.


XRP, Litecoin, Tron, & NANO Added To Swaplab Platform

Posted 6 months ago in Altcoin,Bitcoin News by Ryan

Swaplab has added support for XRP, Litecoin, Tron, and NANO on their platform effectively allowing these cryptocurrencies to be traded with roughly 50 other tokens.


Small Victory For Ripple Against Investors Claiming XRP A Security

Posted 6 months ago in Altcoin by Ryan

Ripple is, so far, successful in efforts consolidating lawsuits against the company.


Privacy For LTC? Charlie Lee Asks For Public Feedback

Posted 6 months ago in Altcoin,Blockchain News by Tom

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee has asked his followers to vote on privacy for LTC, and what kind of privacy features they would prefer if it was implemented.


Yahoo Finance Adds Crypto Trading For Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

Posted 6 months ago in Around the World,Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Tom

Price data has long been offered for cryptos on Yahoo finance, although with no indication of how to buy cryptos. That changed yesterday when Yahoo launched a new update.


Russia Eyes Ethereum For Commerce Transparency

Posted 6 months ago in Blockchain News,Around the World,Altcoin by Ryan

The Russian government in Moscow is looking to Ethereum to as part of a system for allocating trading spots during weekend farmers markets.


Square Wins Patent For Crypto Payment Processing

Posted 6 months ago in Bitcoin News,Blockchain News,Altcoin by Ryan

Square, the digital payment firm, has won a patent allowing the firm to accept payments in any currency including Bitcoin and other digital assets.


XEMs Volume Rises For Another Month, Will Price Follow?

Posted 6 months ago in Altcoin by ICNN

NEM (New Economy Movement) token XEM has been steadily rising in volume since the start of 2018. Is price likely to follow next?


ICNN Interviews CEO On Their Upcoming DEX

Posted 6 months ago in Blockchain News,Altcoin by Ryan

ICNN recently reached out to about their upcoming DEX. is preparing to go live with their DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on Ethereum's Plasma platform in Q4 of this year. As DEX's are seemingly to become more important for the security of the end-user as we have seen so many exchanges over the years hacked with large amounts of holdings lost. ICNN poses some questions to CEO Andrew Gazdecki to go deeper into why we should be more interested in DEX's and the technology behind them.