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Blockchain: Between Adoption and the Golden Calf

Posted 10 months ago in Blockchain News,Government Regulation,Around the World by Trassos

It's widely accepted the concept of a decentralized cryptographic ledger, better known as Blockchain technology which supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, have suffed from regulatory issues since inception.

In this sense, there have been many rumors which fed anxiety preventing developers and investors from adoption, but what exactly are the reasons causing this?

Will Dollar Rally For US Labour Day?

Posted a year ago in Around the World by Tom

Gold gained on reports President Trump is planning to impose tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, possibly as soon as next week. As concerns weighed on the currency markets, Gold futures ticked up to $1,214/oz (+0.6%). 

Thailand’s ATM Network Offline, Mobile Banking Affected

Posted a year ago in Around the World by Tom

Queues at every ATM this morning across Thailand as a nationwide outage of the cash network, meant people have all the more reason to use Crypto.

Huobi Acquires Public Firm Pantronics Holdings

Posted a year ago in Around the World by Ryan

Huobi has become the largest shareholder of Pantronics Holdings listed in Hong Kong.

Yahoo Finance Adds Crypto Trading For Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

Posted a year ago in Around the World,Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Tom

Price data has long been offered for cryptos on Yahoo finance, although with no indication of how to buy cryptos. That changed yesterday when Yahoo launched a new update.

Russia Eyes Ethereum For Commerce Transparency

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News,Around the World,Altcoin by Ryan

The Russian government in Moscow is looking to Ethereum to as part of a system for allocating trading spots during weekend farmers markets.

Bithumb Reopens User Registration Amid Market Recovery

Posted a year ago in Around the World,Bitcoin News by Ryan

South Korea's second largest crypto exchange, Bithumb, will reopen user registration this week.

NiceHash Has Paid Back 60% Of Stolen Bitcoin From Hack

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Around the World by Ryan

NiceHash, the Slovenian based crypto mining marketplace, has paid back 60% of the Bitcoin stolen during last December's hack.

Brazilian Central Bank Looking To Have Access To Crypto Exchange Data

Posted a year ago in Around the World,Government Regulation by Trassos

Cryptocurrencies Suffer New Intrusions Of The Establishment

It is known that the space of cryptocurrencies in Brazil is scene of much debate and uncertainty. Legislators and banks have much interest in the sector, such as Itaú, the largest private bank in the country.

Brazilian Exchange Atlas Quantum Reveals Data Breach

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News,Around the World by Ryan

Atlas Quantum, a Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange, has revealed on their Facebook page they have suffered a data breach exposing the personal information of 260,000 customers.