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Sell Off Intensifies, Global Market Cap Plunges To Fresh Year Lows

Posted a month ago in Bitcoin News by Tom

The global crypto market cap fell again today, as capital flowed out of the markets for another session. Taking the total below $150bln for the first time this year.


Crypto Market Cap Falls To Year Low, How Low Can We Go?

Posted a month ago in Bitcoin News by Tom

As capital rapidly flows out of crypto markets, the global market cap slips further down away from $200bln to now rests at $178bln, bringing with it a new year low. Is there further room for downside? And what happened to a november rally?


Fidelity Launches Institutional Platform for Bitcoin & Ethereum

Posted 2 months ago in Bitcoin News by Ryan

Fidelity Investments is launching a stand-alone company to exclusively bring digital assets to institutional investors.


Bitcoin Surges Amidst Tether Collapse

Posted 2 months ago in Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Ryan

Bitcoin's price on Bitfinex, the cryptocurrency exchange that reportedly operates Tether LLC, surged from $6300 USDT to $7500 USDT early this morning as the price of Tether, a supposed US Dollar stablecoin, fell to $0.85 against the Dollar.


Global Crypto Market Cap Stays Over $200bln After Congress Testimony Bashing

Posted 2 months ago in Government Regulation,Bitcoin News by Tom

Global crypto market cap stands at just over $200bln, after markets sold off yesterday cross asset class. With Bitcoin and Ripple now holding onto support as we enter the weekend.


Poloniex To Remove Margin Trading For US Customers By End Of Year

Posted 2 months ago in Altcoin,Bitcoin News,Blockchain News by Ryan

Circle's Poloniex announced today in a press release that they will be removing Margin Trading by the end of the year for US customers as well as delisting three digital assets.


XRP Available Now On FX Choice - A Forex Exchange

Posted 3 months ago in Altcoin,Bitcoin News,Around the World by Ryan

FX Choice, a regulated Forex broker in Belize, has just added XRP to its trading platform.


Cryptocurrency Mining Giant Bitmain Files For IPO

Posted 3 months ago in Around the World,Bitcoin News by Ryan

Bitmain, the world's largest cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer, has officially filed for an initial public offering (IPO) with the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.


Drivechain, The Sidechain For BTC Publicly Released

Posted 3 months ago in Bitcoin News,Closer Look,Altcoin by Tom

Drivechain allows multiple blockchains to work in unison with BTC, and a working first version has now been released publically, providing a sidechain for a modified Bitcoin Core version 16.99


Coinbase Revamps Crypto Policy

Posted 3 months ago in Altcoin,Bitcoin News by Ryan

Coinbase has updated its policy for adding more cryptocurrencies, replacing the ad hoc process with one they intend to rapidly expand the number of currencies available on the platform.