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XRP Available Now On FX Choice - A Forex Exchange

Posted 7 months ago in Altcoin,Bitcoin News,Around the World by Ryan

FX Choice, a regulated Forex broker in Belize, has just added XRP to its trading platform.

Cryptocurrency Mining Giant Bitmain Files For IPO

Posted 7 months ago in Around the World,Bitcoin News by Ryan

Bitmain, the world's largest cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer, has officially filed for an initial public offering (IPO) with the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Drivechain, The Sidechain For BTC Publicly Released

Posted 7 months ago in Bitcoin News,Closer Look,Altcoin by Tom

Drivechain allows multiple blockchains to work in unison with BTC, and a working first version has now been released publically, providing a sidechain for a modified Bitcoin Core version 16.99

Coinbase Revamps Crypto Policy

Posted 7 months ago in Altcoin,Bitcoin News by Ryan

Coinbase has updated its policy for adding more cryptocurrencies, replacing the ad hoc process with one they intend to rapidly expand the number of currencies available on the platform.

Google Reverses Crypto Exchange Ad Ban In U.S., Japan

Posted 7 months ago in Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Ryan

Google announced in a post on Tuesday that it is set to update its ad policy in October allowing some crypto businesses to advertise on its platform.

Can Bitcoin Turn Resistance To Support, To Close Over Bear Trend?

Posted 7 months ago in Bitcoin News,Technical Analysis by Tom

Bitcoin has risen above the month-long bear trend that has seen the crypto continually reject and test lower levels, forming a triangle across higher timeframes.

$1 Billion In Bitcoin Does Not Belong To Mt. Gox

Posted 7 months ago in Bitcoin News,Blockchain News by Ryan

Reddit user, Sick Silk, recently noticed a movement of over $1 Billion in Bitcoin which was sent to Bitmex, Bitfinex, and Binance in portions. The redditor listed three possible sources for the large amount of BTC.

U.S. Approves BitGo For Custody Of Crypto Assets

Posted 7 months ago in Blockchain News,Government Regulation,Bitcoin News by Ryan

The United States has approved crypto startup BitGo as a qualified custodian for digital assets.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis, Monday 10th September 2018

Posted 7 months ago in Technical Analysis,Bitcoin News by Tom

As Bitcoins price action tested support during the week, a death cross on 9 and 26 daily moving averages has formed on the daily BTC timeframe today.

Market Cap Holds Firm, Alts Go Green

Posted 7 months ago in Bitcoin News by Tom

Global market cap remained buoyant at 207bln in early Asian trading. With BTC dominance at 54%