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Bitcoin Technical Analysis, Monday 10th September 2018

Posted a year ago in Technical Analysis,Bitcoin News by Tom

As Bitcoins price action tested support during the week, a death cross on 9 and 26 daily moving averages has formed on the daily BTC timeframe today.

Market Cap Holds Firm, Alts Go Green

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News by Tom

Global market cap remained buoyant at 207bln in early Asian trading. With BTC dominance at 54%

Goldman CFO Calls Reports They Are Out Of Crypto Fake News

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News by Tom

Goldman Sachs CFO called reports they are planning to shut down their crypto trading desk ‘fake news’ and clarified the situation.

Bitcoin Drops, Pulls Back To $6300

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News by Tom

Bitcoin has pulled back to support at the 6300 level, wicking down the bottom of the channel from the intraday bear trend since last swing high

Snakes and Ladders, Goldman Stopping Trading Desk, Iran OKs Mining

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Government Regulation by Tom

Crypto markets fell swiftly on the back of news Goldman Sachs is reportedly contemplating shutting down its Bitcoin trading desk.

Dollar Steady, Cryptos Fade Into The Week

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Tom

The dollar is steady, while tech stocks took a hit and crypto market cap fell down to $217b

As Bitcoin Price Falls, Marketcap Sinks Quickly

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Technical Analysis by Trassos

Bitcoin retraces recent gains, returning to the 70xx brand in less than 5 minutes with a large red candle, scaring many

Bitcoin Pulls Back Towards 7k

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News by Tom

Cryptomarkets are turning red across the board today as Bitcoin (BTCUSD) pulled back 2% this afternoon, testing support at the lower $7000 range.

Minergate Pools Now Fully Compatible With NiceHash

Posted a year ago in Altcoin,Bitcoin News by Ryan

Minergates pools are now fully compatible with NiceHash. Users of Minergate will noe be able to buy hashing power from NiceHash, the world's largest hash power marketplace, and direct it toward their Minergate accounts.

Bitcoin Gold To Be Delisted On Bittrex, Will Not Pay Back Stolen Coins

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Altcoin by Ryan

Recently Bitcoin Gold experienced a double spend attack on the chain and Bittrex requested BTG to pay back 12,372 in BTG as a result of the attack within the exchange. Bitcoin Gold has declined the request and as a result will be delisted from Bittrex on September 14.