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Chinese Police Arrest Hackers For $87 Million In Crypto Theft

Posted a year ago in Around the World,Blockchain News by Ryan

Three individuals allegedly having stolen $87 Million in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been arrested according to Chinese news agency Xinhua.

ICNN Interviews CEO On Their Upcoming DEX

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News,Altcoin by Ryan

ICNN recently reached out to about their upcoming DEX. is preparing to go live with their DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on Ethereum's Plasma platform in Q4 of this year. As DEX's are seemingly to become more important for the security of the end-user as we have seen so many exchanges over the years hacked with large amounts of holdings lost. ICNN poses some questions to CEO Andrew Gazdecki to go deeper into why we should be more interested in DEX's and the technology behind them.

Unikrn ICO Backed By Mark Cuban Faces Class Action Lawsuit

Posted a year ago in ICO (Initial Coin Offering),Blockchain News by Ryan

Seattle based e-bet sporting startup backed by Mark Cuban facing class action lawsuit after initial coin offering for violating U.S. security laws.

Bitcoin Cash Aims To Take On ERC-20

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Blockchain News,ICO (Initial Coin Offering) by Ryan

Roger Ver, last week, announced that the Wormhole protocol is going to allow developers to issue tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. This could be Bitcoin Cash's challenge to Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

Toshi Rebranded As Coinbase Wallet

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News by Ryan

The dApp browser designed by Coinbase has been rebranded as Coinbase Wallet.

Ripple Endorses Exchanges For xRapid Payment Services

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News by Ryan

Ripple has endorsed three cryptocurrency exchanges as "Preferred partners," for conducting business with the xRapid payment service using the XRP cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin, Regulation, Adoption and Moon

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Blockchain News by Trassos

As every major news site is now full of FUD - fear uncertainty and doubt - with headlines of broken expectancy and a grin look on market action. Well, hold tight bull brothers, we may have something to add about it.