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Crypto Arbitrage App Review

Posted 10 months ago in Closer Look by Tom

Arbitrage the act of profiting from spread between the bid and ask across several exchanges orderbooks, can be a interesting and highly profitable venture. Albeit fraught with complications, nuances and roadblocks.

Drivechain, The Sidechain For BTC Publicly Released

Posted a year ago in Bitcoin News,Closer Look,Altcoin by Tom

Drivechain allows multiple blockchains to work in unison with BTC, and a working first version has now been released publically, providing a sidechain for a modified Bitcoin Core version 16.99

Introduction to Bytecoin - BCN

Posted a year ago in Altcoin,Closer Look by Joshua

Bytecoin (BCN) is a project that has been around since the earliest days of the public blockchain space and yet is not well known for the unique features it brings to the ecosystem....

Closer Look: Envion, The Off-Grid Mining Company

Posted a year ago in Closer Look by Tom

Mobile sustainable mining is what Envion is bringing to the world, and it's not been a easy task, but not for technical problems. The project has been plauged with management complications from the outset, resulting in CEO and Founding members parting ways, but is it now looking like it may be pivoting and turning around?

From Ripples to Waves: Building The Future of Payment Systems - Part 3

Posted a year ago in Closer Look by Ryan

The Jed McCaleb Saga

The story begins with one of the founders of Ripple Labs, one Jed McCaleb, and encompasses not only Ripple and XRP but another currency we've yet to mention called Stellar Lumens (XLM). As stated previously XRP and OneCoin/Ripple Labs was founded in 2011 with one of the leaders being Jed McCaleb. In 2014 Jed created Stellar. Stellar gained popularity against XRP with the involvement of its advisors and rhetoric upon creation.


From Ripples to Waves: Building The Future of Payment Systems - Part 2

Posted a year ago in Closer Look by Ryan

The founders not only control a large percentage of XRP itself, but a significant percentage of ownership in Ripple Labs. The founders not only stand to make significant amounts of income from the value of XRP but the ever growing value of Ripple Labs.

From Ripples to Waves: Building the future of Payment Systems - Part 1

Posted a year ago in Closer Look by Ryan

The history of Ripple is an interesting one from it's beginnings as a credit extension service, to payment service, and internal conflict arising from the love affair of one of the founders resulting in a new currency nearly identical to what we know XRP as today.

Closer Look: Sia Coin, The Decentralized Storage Platform

Posted a year ago in Closer Look,Altcoin by Tom

Sia coin is a decentralized cloud storage solution, powered by blockchain technology. Essentially a dropbox for the bitcoin era, taking control out of a few data providers and putting the power back into the hands of the users.