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Bitcoin Bulls Smash $6k As Stocks Dive Amid Trade Deal Concerns

Posted 3 months ago in Bitcoin News,Government Regulation by Tom

Bitcoin is up 3% trading just over $6k, as funds flowed back into crypto markets in late US / early Asian trading, fueled by concerns on trade deals and rising volatility in the stock markets as the DOW lost 473 points yesterday

SEC Launches Strategic Hub For Innovation And Financial Technology (FinHub)

Posted 10 months ago in Blockchain News,Government Regulation by Dave

"As financial technologies, methods of capital formation, market structures, and investor interfaces continue to evolve, FINHUB will play an important role in facilitating the SEC’s active engagement with innovators, developers, and entrepreneurs."...

Global Crypto Market Cap Stays Over $200bln After Congress Testimony Bashing

Posted 10 months ago in Government Regulation,Bitcoin News by Tom

Global crypto market cap stands at just over $200bln, after markets sold off yesterday cross asset class. With Bitcoin and Ripple now holding onto support as we enter the weekend.

CFTC Backed By U.S. Federal Judge Recognizing Virtual Currencies As Commodities

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by Ryan

The CFTC was recently told by US District Judge Rya Zobel they could work toward charging My Big Coin Pay Inc. with fraud allegations, as reported by Reuters. It was also stated that cryptocurrencies fall under the distinction of commodities and the US derivatives regulator has complete authority to investigate the case.

Congress Urged To Act By Cryptocurrency Advocates From Coinbase, Ripple, ConsenSys, Blockchain, Fidelity, & NASDAQ

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by Ryan

US cryptocurrency leaders stood in front of Congress this week asking for urgency and clarity around cryptocurrency regulations.

U.S. Lawmakers Urge IRS To Update Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by Ryan

Some U.S. lawmakers are calling on the Internal Revenue Service to release guidance for taxpayers earning gains or transactions involving cryptocurrency.

UK Lawmakers Call For Regulation Of Crypto Markets

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by Ryan

UK lawmakers are calling for regulating the crypto 'wild west' while insisting that regulation could help make the UK a 'global centre for crypto assets'.

SEC Staff to Host Roundtable Protecting Retail Investors From Fraud

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by ICNN

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that its Division of Trading and Markets will be looking into combating retail investor fraud, across a wide range of market participants, including regulators, broker-dealers and experts.

SEC Shouldn't Hold Back Approving Crypto Products Says Commissioner

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News,Government Regulation by Ryan

SEC Commissioner Heather Perice says government should not limit new products in crypto markets due to the perceived weakness in Bitcoin.

U.S. Regulator Says Digital Assets Need Regulation That Does Not Harm Them

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by Ryan

The Chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission, J. Christopher Giancarlo, spoke with CNBC in an interview about digital asset regulations and how they need to be conducted in a way that doesn't hurt them.