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XRP Investors and Speculators Brace For SWELL 2018

Posted a year ago in Altcoin,Mindset by Dave

Swell by Ripple is the only event today where blockchain, finance and policy converge — a meeting ground for more than five hundred industry experts committed to changing the way money moves around the world

Banking With Bits

Posted a year ago in Mindset by Joshua

To seek the true value of the individual within a rapidly changing financial system, I will try to comment on the following: how might technologies such as blockchain impact economic policy in the near future?

The Past, Present and Future of Universal Currencies — Part one

Posted a year ago in PhaseOne,Mindset by Phase One Collective

On the 9th of January 1988, The Economist published a cover story predicting that in 30 years’ time a world currency would be in place. A currency which the American, Japanese, European and many other global economies would start to adopt. The Economist highlighted that such a move would be beneficial to consumers and businesses as prices would no longer be donated in dollars, yen or sterling. Rather, prices would be donated in a singular currency. The Economist named this currency the Phoenix Coin. As it has been 30 years since the publication of this article, it would be interesting to review the concept of a global singular currency — especially as many argue that Bitcoin is the Phoenix Coin.

Signs Of Global Economic Markets Topping

Posted a year ago in Around the World,Mindset by Fabian

Since early ages, people have always been speculating about "The end of times," or some kind of other catastrophic event that will drastically affect humankind. Overall tensions in the world have been rising, worries that global warming will change our earth's climate for good are becoming more and more prominent. How will this possibly affect the global economies?

How To Trade Crypto For A Living

Posted a year ago in Mindset by Tom

You want to trade crypto for a living, forget about your boss, office and co-workers. It can be done, has been done and will be done for years to come, learn how to go deep on crypto in this guide.

Margin Trade Management, The Protection Of Capital

Posted a year ago in Mindset by Tom

Well managed trades really are key to consistent gains, and also breaking even on loosing positions when conditions change. A good trader can often find setups for profitable entries, but ensuring risk control and mitigating unforseable market changes are what makes the difference longterm.

A Beginners Guide To Cryptotrading Using RSI/CCI

Posted a year ago in Mindset,Technical Analysis by Ryan

In this topic we are going to cover the fundamentals of using a combination of CCI (Commodities Channel Index) and RSI (Relative Strength Index) within multiple time scales in order to pinpoint when to make entry into a trade, and when to exit a trade. This information will provide you with a groundwork to build on to my trading style which has been quite successful after developing this technique.

Stress and Loss: Coping

Posted a year ago in Mindset by Trassos

You'll be fine! This is not an invitation to invest or a suggestion of what to do in regards to your finances. I'm talking about your mood, stress and how this feeling of panic, oppression and despondency will soon pass. Make an effort, keep reading.