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The Future of Money

Posted a year ago in PhaseOne by Phase One Collective

The fuel of an economy — money, is used every day by almost everybody on the planet. However, vitally important though money may be, clearly defining what money is can often be the source of some confusion.

The Past, Present and Future of Universal Currencies — Part one

Posted a year ago in PhaseOne,Mindset by Phase One Collective

On the 9th of January 1988, The Economist published a cover story predicting that in 30 years’ time a world currency would be in place. A currency which the American, Japanese, European and many other global economies would start to adopt. The Economist highlighted that such a move would be beneficial to consumers and businesses as prices would no longer be donated in dollars, yen or sterling. Rather, prices would be donated in a singular currency. The Economist named this currency the Phoenix Coin. As it has been 30 years since the publication of this article, it would be interesting to review the concept of a global singular currency — especially as many argue that Bitcoin is the Phoenix Coin.