Bitcoin Cash Is Facing A Fight That Could Split The Code

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Bitcoin Cash Is Facing A Fight That Could Split The Code

By Ryan Warner
August 24th, 2018

After its birth just a year ago Bitcoin Cash is facing a split with the developers infighting.

Bitcoin Cash started as a hard fork of Bitcoin over the much covered BTC scaling debate that erupted last year. Now, Bitcoin Cash developers continue to have technical disagreements.

Bitcoin ABC's latest software release has been seen as cracks in the unity of BCH developers.

The software includes a host of upgrades, including the ability for atomic swaps, which allows for the change of one cryptocurrency to another without the use of exchanges.

Some of the influencers of the Bitcoin Cash community are in disagreement with these changes and have voiced their opposition to it.

Bitcoin SV is the implementation leading the fight against Bitcoin ABC by nChain CEO Craig Wright. Bitcoin SV pushes BCH's block size to 128MB.

Both sides are looking to implement code changes in November. Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV are not compatible with one another bringing speculation that this could lead to a chain split and the creation of a new cryptocurrency.

Ethereum creator, Vitalik Buterin, has called Wright a "Fraud," and after such the community has started to take sides in the debate.

Though some of the developers are seeing both sides are out of line and are calling for a compromise. 

We will cover this more as it develops.