Bitcoin Sets New Record - Highest Number of Transactions Per Block Ever!

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Bitcoin Sets New Record - Highest Number of Transactions Per Block Ever!

By Graham McKinney
April 2nd, 2019

Bitcoin has broken it's all time high for transactions per block with 2,718 transactions.


Transaction usage has sky rocketed the past week, interestingly since Veriblock has been launched on the Bitcoin mainnet last month on the 26th of March.

Most importantly - Veriblock increases security by linking altcoin blockchains suspectable to a 51% attack to Bitcoin's mainnet to give protection and also enables wallet providers, merchants and exchanges to make use of the security features of Bitcoin’s blockchain. 

“VeriBlock’s technology delivers Bitcoin-level security to both new and established blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that may otherwise be vulnerable. This enables development teams to focus on innovative features and functionality, rather than worrying about attacks. The marketplace has validated this approach, with over 6,000,000 security transactions on Bitcoin to date.” - Veriblock official announcement

“The reinforced security provided by Proof-of-proof will encourage further adoption of these alternative blockchains. The transition of transactions from Bitcoin to alternative blockchains will also facilitate Bitcoin scaling, while continuing to drive value back to Bitcoin miners.”

Learn More: Veriblock official website - Whitepaper - Source Code