Bitcoin Steady Ahead Of Weekend

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Bitcoin Steady Ahead Of Weekend

By Tom Whitbread
August 31st, 2018

Bitcoin holds unto the 7k support during Asian trading, with market cap at $226b as we head into Friday.

With plenty of mixed sentiment in the market this week currently for both Bitcoin and Alts, with bullish predictions due to new patent applications, Farmers markets in Russia being eyed for Ethereum use and mainstream exposure as Yahoo added crypto trading, combined with some negative headlines, such as China extending crypto bans and Alibaba promising to remove accounts involved in crypto trading, all of this combined with a strong dollar, saw yesterday’s pullback already see prices test 6800 for support, and now reverse back above 7k.

Stochastics may turn back into overbought and aid prices to continue to run, if there is a continued bid throughout US trading.