Crypto Markets Green, Market Cap Up 4%

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Crypto Markets Green, Market Cap Up 4%

Posted on August 28th, 2018 in Blockchain News by Tom Whitbread

Crypto markets are mostly up with Bitcoin heading towards $7k during early UK trading, with global market cap up 4% to $225b

Popular altcoins Ethereum, BCH, Ripple and LTC also posted modest gains, with IOTA breaking out taking the lead with a 15% run, followed closely by Tron, NEO and Digibyte. Although the leader today is Dash with a 21% gain on the back of the news that Dash has partnered with Kripto-mobile to launch crypto ready mobile devices in Latin America, the devices come with a Dash paper wallet to help new users easily get started, and are preloaded with apps providing instant access to the Dash ecosystem. 

Additionally Dash and Litecoin will be added to Ethos wallet, who plans to add the currencies to their universal wallet and are almost complete, and now in testing. 

DASHUSD Runs for $200 (Data provider: