EOS Price Breaks Out Over $4

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EOS Price Breaks Out Over $4

By ICNN News
March 26th, 2019

EOS the decentralized operating system and smart contract platform has seen bullish demand push prices over $4 again!

Will the rally sustain this time? The most recent attempt at going beyond $4.41 at the end of February was rejected but saw price consolidate sideways for the next month before breaking upwards in early Asian trading today.

EOS demand has risen rapidly for the token as price action finally moved above daily moving averages.

Token holders who bought at ICO have now seen over 300% ROI if they sold the highs, The EOSIO platform essentially provides functionality similar to a operating system, providing RAM, GPU/CPU power and hard-disk storage over a decentralized network.

EOS is a disruptive competitor to the conventional cloud hosts such as AWS and Digital Ocean.

New Features in 1.7

EOSIO has added peer to peer communication and real time transaction output in the 1.7 release, and is being actively developed by a enthusiastic community which aims to bring many new features and updates to the platform in the coming year.

Trade EOS on Binance 

Official Announcement: https://medium.com/eosio/eosio-version-1-7-0-1952e59dabdb