HitBTC Delists Envion (EVN)

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HitBTC Delists Envion (EVN)

Posted on September 4th, 2018 in Altcoin by Tom Whitbread

HitBTC has delisted Envion (EVN) in what we suspect is due to their terms of service, relating to not allowing any securities to be listed.

The sustainable mobile mining ICO, Envion which raised $100m was delisted from popular crypto exchange HitBTC on August 30th. 

Envion now trades at YoBit and Token Store Exchanges

With the project currently under scrutiny by FINMA and controversy surrounding the CEO and board members splitting, investor wait for the final ruling.

As currently none of the funds raised during ICO have been allocated to actual mining, as intended in their MMUs (Mobile mining units) esentially repurposed shipping containers that hold racks of mining hardware and can be plugged into sustainable power sources anywhere.