IT Giant GMO Launches Zcash Mining Client

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IT Giant GMO Launches Zcash Mining Client

By Ryan Warner
September 28th, 2018

Internet services giant GMO Internet Inc., based in Japan, has launched a new mining software client for Zcash mining using GPU's. GMO announced the new Cryptoknocker client in a September 28 news release.

Cryptoknocker is designed to mine Zcash using the Equihash algorithm commonly used by GPU's. Zcash developers argued that by moving to Equihash, an ASIC-resistant algorithm, would take transaction verifications out of the hands of a few miners.

GMO said, today, that the software download will be free but the firm will emplace a 2% fee on mining profits to offset development costs. 

Cryptoknocker is one of many ventures into the crypto space by GMO. The company currently runs its own GMO Coin crypto exchange and even pays a portion of its staff in Bitcoin.

As per the release, GMO has also announced the release of new 7nm ASIC chips that are scheduled to begin shipping in October.