Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, Announces Launch Of uTorrent Web

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Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, Announces Launch Of uTorrent Web

By Ryan Warner
September 5th, 2018

Founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, has announced the launch of a new web portal of uTorrent which was recently acquired by Tron. Justin Sun stated that the clients of BitTorrent, which includes uTorrent, will be Tron clients.

Justin Sun stated:

“Say Hi to µTorrent Web, a torrent client for the #streaming age! Thanks @utorrent and @BitTorrent teams for creating this amazing product. Download the Windows version and let us what do you think! App supported by Mac in the works”

According to the announcement the teams of uTorrent and BitTorrent have been working together to launch uTorrent Web for several months. The Product Designer of the uTorrent Web team, Cory Keller, gave the community a brief for the use case of the product.

“So, its the streaming age and here at BitTorrent, we understand that nobody wants to wait for a progress bar to hit a 100% before they can hit play and watch or listen to something. I’m going over a few details in the product, uTorrent wen to show you just how you can do that.”

UTorrent Web is a browser based torrent client which is currently ready for launch. It is currently only on Windows with plans to bring it to Mac. UTorrent Web works with several browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and is available in a multitude of languages.

Users will be able to search and play from torrent and magnet links while they download, and can be done without the user needing to exit the browser.

Along with playing video or audio while downloading uTorrent Web will save all files locally for the user. Users can download any file type and save it to the folder of their choice.

UTorrent Web is also combating the malware concern with partnerships from Adaware, Internet Security, and others. This browser extension will scan the search results for malware.