Magic: The Gathering Challenged By Crypto Card Game

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Magic: The Gathering Challenged By Crypto Card Game

By Ryan Warner
August 21st, 2018

A new crypto card game is challenging Magic: The Gathering for supremacy. With a rare Magic card having sold in July for $87,000 an ethereum-based game card, Gods Unchained, sold at auction for 146 Ether. Worth about $60,000 at the time of sale.

The price is significant given the age of Magic and that a card for a crypto based game that has yet to launch sold for such a high figure and with the game not expected to go live on the ethereum network until Q4.

CEO of Fuel Games, the Sydney based startup behind the game, James Ferguson had this to say of the game:

"It's a really compelling game, which people would play regardless of it having anything to do with crypto."

Gods Unchained was compared to Magic and Hearthstone, a digital game similar to Magic, in gameplay.

We can break the three games down into their differences. Magic, of course, being a game based on paper cards. Hearthstone is digital but centralized taking away security and control of players cards. Gods Unchained is using non-fungible ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. With the cryptographic key controlled by the player this reduces the risk of loss or theft of the card significantly.

Though having full ownership of cards on the blockchain is appealing the speed at which the ethereum blockchain moves is not. To combat such problems Gods Unchained is taking gameplay off-chain.

Several investment firms have taken interest in Fuel Games including Coinbase Ventures, Continue Capital, and Nirvana Capital.

So far Fuel Games has sold in excess of 4,600 Ether worth of cards for Gods Unchained, worth approximately $3 million.