Minergate Pools Now Fully Compatible With NiceHash

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Minergate Pools Now Fully Compatible With NiceHash

By Ryan Warner
September 4th, 2018

Minergates pools are now fully compatible with NiceHash. Users of Minergate will noe be able to buy hashing power from NiceHash, the world's largest hash power marketplace, and direct it toward their Minergate accounts.

To use this new capability Minergate users need but to create a NiceHash account, deposit the required BTC, select Minergate as the pools destination, set the bid or price for mining, and place the order. Real time statistics let the user monitor progress in real time.

NiceHash users will be able to sell their mining power to larger pools. Minergates new compatibility with NiceHash means that miners will be able to access 34 major algorithms for a minimal price of .005 BTC for each algorithm.

Minergate has an uptime in excess of 99% with 3,500,000 users.