Normal Operations Return For Tether After Omni API Incident

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Normal Operations Return For Tether After Omni API Incident

By Ryan Warner
September 18th, 2018

Tether (USDT) has resumed normal operations after an issue with the engine that feeds data from the Omni protocol to the platforms hosted node services.

On Monday transactions appeared and were frozen for many users who do note operate full nodes.

Tether operates as a stablecoin on top of the Omni protocol, which is a secured by the Bitcoin blockchain.

Users of wallets and the block explorer hosted by Omni reported transactions had stalled on Monday. Developers said stemmed from the parsing engine that feeds information to Omniexplorer and Omniwallet. The issue is said to have been isolated to the hosting services, those running full nodes were not affected.

Tether did not address the issue directly. Instead, they retweeted Omni's original post detailing the issue with the parsing engine.

Many applications that use Omni's hosted service, including exchanges, were unavailable during the time freezing transactions on these services.

During the incident a notable dipped occured on the cryptocurrency markets.