SEC Launches Strategic Hub For Innovation And Financial Technology (FinHub)

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SEC Launches Strategic Hub For Innovation And Financial Technology (FinHub)

By Dave Brang
October 18th, 2018

"As financial technologies, methods of capital formation, market structures, and investor interfaces continue to evolve, FINHUB will play an important role in facilitating the SEC’s active engagement with innovators, developers, and entrepreneurs. In addition to being a resource for information about the SEC’s views and actions in the FinTech space, FinHub is also a forum for engaging with SEC staff"

With the US Government and the SEC lagging behind competing Nations across the globe in responsibly regulating the Crypto market space, A clear and direct effort to catch up is apparent of late. A promising sign for the ecosystem as a whole considering the central role the US plays in world trade and financial markets investment. 

What Change Does FINHUB Bring To The Table?

To Start, an entirely new section dedicated to Blockchain specific investments has been formed with subcategories for investing guidelines, and warnings. Many novice investors within the Crypto marketspace might find it difficult to understand their risks and navigate the space in a way that effectively reflects the fast-changing environment. Additionally, it seems many are unaware of the resources in the SEC web portal that are targeted to assist with keeping investors informed. To the surprise of some, clear and concise guidelines can be found throughout the SEC website. It's not all legal and technical information designed for investors more educated and experienced with navigating financial markets and regulatory framework. 

New resources and guides are available at FINHUB to assist blockchain projects in engaging with the SEC in a welcoming and direct manner. It goes without saying many developers and projects have felt intimidated by the SEC, avoiding direct conflict while they focus on what they do best. The perception of needing to get ahead of the game and securing investment ahead of a potential filing is in fact misplaced in many situations. The May 16th, 2016 addition of Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act is uniquely focused on Stimulating small business growth by making Crowdfunding easier to access. For many, this misperception will cause more harm than good over having followed the path of regulation from the start.

The SEC seems to have gotten the message and is responding accordingly. The apparent pivot in how the Commission is re-branding itself to engaging with the community is certainly welcomed and may well stimulate momentum in more effectively growing the space in a sensible and cohesive way. No doubt the significant addition of staff to the SEC ranks and commissioners friendly to the crypto space is beginning to materialize into meaningful action and a welcoming tone. 

Let's look forward to the progress and potential of the new infrastructure being built to cater to the ever-evolving Global Markets. With sensible legislation, regulation, and a positive attitude. We may well begin to observe the ecosystem maturing more quickly than once imagined. We'll continue publishing SEC related cryptocurrency news as it becomes available.

Feel free to check out FINHUB for yourself!