TokenSoft Launches Support For Projects On Stellar Protocol

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TokenSoft Launches Support For Projects On Stellar Protocol

By Ryan Warner
September 11th, 2018

TokenSoft, an ICO services platform, is officially launching support for projects on the Stellar Lumens protocol.

TokenSoft assists startups navigate through the legal compliances of the U.S. and other nations. They announced Tuesday they would be adding support for the Stellar protocol and have previously assisted with ethereum based projects.

Mason Borda, TokenSoft co-founder, told CoinDesk

"We feel that [the Stellar network], the tool sets and the underlying infrastructure do provide the maturity for us to provide official support. We're excited to announce that if you want to receive payments for lumens, we can provide support."

A steady increase of adoption and demand convinced TokenSoft that projects would continue to launch on Stellar.

TokenSoft is anticipating that ICO's will begin over the next several months on the Stellar protocol.

This adds to the other news from Stellar after the acquisition of Chain in a deal with, which is a startup using the Stellar protocol.