XRP Rises From The Ashes And Gains 36% In Two Days

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XRP Rises From The Ashes And Gains 36% In Two Days

By Ryan Warner
September 20th, 2018

With the majority of the top cryptocurrencies seeing a 10% gain over the last few hours XRP has risen an astounding 36%.

The dramatic rise in the price of XRP over the last two days is coming with much optimism of a trend reversal for the XRP token by technical analysts.

It appears that the rapid increase in the price of XRP has not been from a single cause but rather a series of events stemming from an extremely oversold situation and including a rapid expansion of RippleNet to over 40 countries. 

Since reaching its peak over $3.00 XRP has seen a rapid decline losing in excess of 90% of its price since the ATH with an intensification of the downward movement the last few months. 

Keywords and social media activity for XRP and Ripple have increased dramatically over the last week. This is likely due to Ripple's announcement of xRapid going live in the 'next month or so.'