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21st Money Crypto Miner Report 09/14/2018

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News by The 21st Money Team

Crypto Mining Weekly is dedicated to bringing you the latest developments in Crypto mining technology. Information that will guide you to the most effective methods and tools available to maximize the output of your crypto mining configuration and investment.

U.S. Regulator Says Digital Assets Need Regulation That Does Not Harm Them

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by Ryan

The Chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission, J. Christopher Giancarlo, spoke with CNBC in an interview about digital asset regulations and how they need to be conducted in a way that doesn't hurt them.

The Past, Present and Future of Universal Currencies — Part one

Posted a year ago in PhaseOne,Mindset by Phase One Collective

On the 9th of January 1988, The Economist published a cover story predicting that in 30 years’ time a world currency would be in place. A currency which the American, Japanese, European and many other global economies would start to adopt. The Economist highlighted that such a move would be beneficial to consumers and businesses as prices would no longer be donated in dollars, yen or sterling. Rather, prices would be donated in a singular currency. The Economist named this currency the Phoenix Coin. As it has been 30 years since the publication of this article, it would be interesting to review the concept of a global singular currency — especially as many argue that Bitcoin is the Phoenix Coin.

Bitcoin Analysis 09/14/2018

Posted a year ago in Technical Analysis by Ryan

Bitcoin bulls pushed the price of BTC over $6500 yesterday. Do they have the momentum to carry it forward?

Signs Of Global Economic Markets Topping

Posted a year ago in Around the World,Mindset by Fabian

Since early ages, people have always been speculating about "The end of times," or some kind of other catastrophic event that will drastically affect humankind. Overall tensions in the world have been rising, worries that global warming will change our earth's climate for good are becoming more and more prominent. How will this possibly affect the global economies?

Vlad Zamfir Claims Breakthrough In Ethereum Blockchain Sharding

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News,Altcoin by Ryan

Blockchain researcher Vlad Zamfir claims to have coded a successful proof-of-concept at the EthBerlin Ethereum hackathon this week.

Brave Browser Dumps And Files GDPR Complaint Against Google

Posted a year ago in Around the World,Government Regulation,Blockchain News by Ryan

Brave browser, funded by an ICO and founded by Mozilla pioneer Brendan Eich, has filed a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) complaint against Google as well as dumping their search engine.

U.S. Approves BitGo For Custody Of Crypto Assets

Posted a year ago in Blockchain News,Government Regulation,Bitcoin News by Ryan

The United States has approved crypto startup BitGo as a qualified custodian for digital assets.

Bitcoin Analysis 09/13/2018

Posted a year ago in Technical Analysis by Ryan

Bitcoin still remains locked between support and the long-term resistance level. With Bitcoin having hit the long-term resistance twice since the end of July is the third time the charm? We'll look at the charts and see where Bitcoin may be headed.

FINRA Takes Down HempCoin

Posted a year ago in Government Regulation by Ryan

FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, issued its first cryptocurrency related disciplinary action by charging Timothy Tilton Ayre with securities fraud and unlawful distribution of HempCoin, which FINRA claims is an unregistered security.