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How To Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card Complete Guide 2019

Posted 5 months ago in Bitcoin News by ICNN

Looking for the best places to buy bitcoin with your credit card? Look no further! Our guide goes into detail on the top places to get BTC with your USD.

Is The Bitmex Internal Trading Desk A Serious Conflict Of Interest?

Posted 7 months ago in Bitcoin News,Opinion by ICNN

Did you know that Bitmex has its own trading team for market-making, that trades for profit against its customers?

Sell Off Intensifies, Global Market Cap Plunges To Fresh Year Lows

Posted 9 months ago in Bitcoin News by Tom

The global crypto market cap fell again today, as capital flowed out of the markets for another session. Taking the total below $150bln for the first time this year.

Crypto Market Cap Falls To Year Low, How Low Can We Go?

Posted 9 months ago in Bitcoin News by Tom

As capital rapidly flows out of crypto markets, the global market cap slips further down away from $200bln to now rests at $178bln, bringing with it a new year low. Is there further room for downside? And what happened to a november rally?

Dash Launches Text Based Crypto Payments In Venezuela

Posted 10 months ago in Altcoin by Ryan

Dash has announced the launch of Dash Text, a text message-based cryptocurrency transaction service, in Venezuela. Dash Text eliminates the need for users to possess smartphones and internet access to carry out transactions.

JP Morgan's Quorum To Tokenise Gold Bars

Posted 10 months ago in Blockchain News by Ryan

JP Morgan's blockchain, Quorum, will be used to "tokenize" gold bars. Developed by JP Morgan, Quorum, is the enterprise version of the Ethereum blockchain that will let users operate smart contracts while utilizing pre-programmed automation tools.

Signs Of Alpha? These Markets Continue To Rally Despite Large Cap Coins Dip

Posted 10 months ago in Blockchain News by Tom

The markets are bloody nosed this morning, with Bitcoin shedding 2% much to the delight of crypto skeptics world wide and short position holders such as Tone Vays. But don't get too excited just yet, there are still plenty of moon shots warming up their engines.

Guest Editorial By Hodor: The XRP Tip Bot Phenomenon

Posted 10 months ago in Opinion by ICNN

How does any viral application start?

The answer: In quiet moments of contemplation by first adopters, followed with electric fascination of a larger group, until it reaches a moment of critical mass when an explosion of social excitement occurs and 'word-of-mouth' transforms into its digital equivalent.

Crypto Arbitrage App Review

Posted 10 months ago in Closer Look by Tom

Arbitrage the act of profiting from spread between the bid and ask across several exchanges orderbooks, can be a interesting and highly profitable venture. Albeit fraught with complications, nuances and roadblocks.

Stocks Plunge, Cryptos Continue To Hold Support

Posted 10 months ago in Around the World by Tom

The DOW shrunk 600 points yesterday ending the day down 2.5%, US Tech stocks and Asia stocks also plunged as the global stock market sell off continues to intensify,